Ananda Professional Advanced Spot Serum - Clear

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Ananda Professional’s Advanced Spot Serum is tough on impurities yet gentle on skin. In this product, Ananda's signature full spectrum hemp extract is complemented with neem, rosehip and tea tree oils, as well as vitamin E to perform the ultimate disappearing act and restore a fresh, nourished glow.

Featuring ultra-concentrated botanicals, the absorbent and lightweight serum controls shine while hydrating and calming your skin for clearer days ahead.

This antioxidant rich serum is formulated for blemish-prone skin, and aids in reducing redness and bacteria on the skin. The Advanced Spot Serum is a great alternative for patients who find that other blemish treatments are too harsh and drying for their skin.

Topical  |  1 oz

Total active cannabinoids per container: 300 mg