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For adult use only. Keep away from children.

Charlotte’s Web™ CBD gummies feature our whole-plant hemp extract and botanical blends to support you, day and night. These plant-powered CBD gummies are flavored with natural juices from fruits and vegetables, delivering botanical goodness you can taste.

CALM: Charlotte's Web's Calm gummies were formulated to help you meet life’s stressful situations with ease and better focus. Counter everyday stresses while supporting increased focus and relaxation with a botanical blend of lemon balm, L-theanine and whole-plant hemp extract by Charlotte’s Web. These hemp extract gummies can help:

  • Support relief from everyday stressors*
  • Ease normal anxiety*
  • Encourage relaxation without drowsiness*

RECOVERY: Charlotte's Web's Recovery gummies are not only squishy and delicious, they help support exercise-induced inflammation. These gummies are specially formulated with a botanical blend of ginger, turmeric, and Charlotte's Web's proprietary whole-plant hemp extract with CBD to support joint health and joint strength. These hemp extract gummies can help:

  • Supports healthy joints*
  • Helps to maintain joint mobility*
  • Helps support healthy recovery from exercise-induced inflammation*

SLEEP: Charlotte's Web has paired the renowned natural sleeping aid, melatonin, with the power of their CBD and the rest of hemp’s naturally occurring phytocannabinoids to support sound, quality sleep, and regular sleeping cycles. These premium plant-powered hemp extract gummies can help maintain:

  • Regular sleep cycles*
  • A better and more sound sleep*

CALM   Lemon Lime Flavor

Total hemp extract per gummy: 10 mg

Total CBD per gummy: 5 mg

Total lemon balm per gummy: 37.5 mg

Total L-theanine per gummy: 25 mg


RECOVERY   Ginger Flavor

Total hemp extract per gummy: 10 mg

Total CBD per gummy: 5 mg

Total turmeric per gummy: 26.5 mg

Total ginger per gummy: 12.5 mg


SLEEP   Raspberry Flavor

Total hemp extract per gummy: 10 mg

Total CBD per gummy: 5 mg

Total melatonin per gummy: 1.5 mg


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.