Charlotte's Web CBD Oil 7mg

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This full-spectrum hemp extract oil with naturally occurring CBD gives you more than 80 phytocannabinoids and other beneficial plant compounds to support your good health.*

Charlotte’s Web™ premium hemp extract is rich in CBD which can help:

  • Support a sense of calm for focus*
  • Manage everyday stresses*
  • Recovery from exercise-induced inflammation*
  • Maintain healthy sleep cycles*

 They use limited, select ingredients to ensure you have the absolute best hemp extract CBD oil possible, with no fillers. Charlotte's Web's CBD oils include their premium hemp extract, oil, and flavor. That’s it.

Small  |  30 mL

Olive Oil, Mint Chocolate, Lemon Twist, or Orange Blossom Flavor

Total hemp extract per bottle: 330 mg

Total hemp extract per mL: 11 mg

Total CBD per bottle: 200 mg

Total CBD per mL: 7 mg


Large  |  100 mL

Olive Oil or Mint Chocolate only

Total hemp extract per bottle: 1100 mg

Total hemp extract per mL: 11 mg

Total CBD per bottle: 667 mg

Total CBD per mL: 7 mg