Weight Loss

Weight loss is tough and keeps getting tougher with age due to decreasing hormones and stress. Make sure your doctor is checking your sex hormones and thyroid levels, optimizing these can help you lose weight and give you the energy to workout. Nutrition is paramount in the fight to lose weight. We have a 6-Day Detox below that includes a nutrition guide that we recommend. Simply put our philosophy is keep it natural, nothing processed, and eliminate simple sugars and dairy. Doing this will give you the energy to start your workout regimen. Our best products are by Xymogen and not allowed to be sold online, please call for a free consultation! 512-643-0999

We also carry prescription phentermine in the Sun brand, for some reason that brand works better. All generics are supposed to be the same, but we have noticed the differences that are allowed sometimes make it work better or worse; such as, how hard the tablet is pressed might effect where it dissolves and is absorbed.

As a compounding pharmacy we made a unique formula of phentermine with activated B vitamins in a different dosage form called a troche that dissolves in the mouth. This allowed us to reduce the strength and have a faster onset so it can be taken only when you are hungry reducing overall side effects.

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