Bezwecken PhytoB-L 4X

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This is the combination of 3 out of 4 commonly replaced hormones in menopause, Testosterone can be replaced as well but it is controlled and requires a prescription. The dose per 10 drops is my standard low starting does for prescription strength BHRT, as stated below start with 2 drops and work you way up to 5 drops until symptoms resolve.

Provides optimal support for a women’s mid-life balance associated with normal menopause. Formulated with all-natural ingredients including organic coconut oil and vitamin E.

Directions:  SHAKE WELL, then apply 2 to 5 drops, repeat procedure twice daily or according to your healthcare practitioner. For optimal use, shake the bottle well then clear the dropper three or four times prior to each use.  Contains about a 1 month’s supply.

Expiration date is less than 1 year. Bottle is 1/3 full by design! This allows for optimal dispersion of the formula when shaking. Store at room temperature.

Ingredients: Rice Bran Oil, Coconut Oil, USP Progesterone, USP Estriol, USP Estradiol and Vitamin E.

Per 10 drops: About 40mg of Progesterone, 1.6mg of Estriol and 0.4mg of Estradiol.

NotesContains no parabens, mineral oil, petroleum or animal products. Food grade oils. Never tested on animals!