Neo40 Professional

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Neo40 Professional is one of our best supplements, it contains activated B vitamins, Beat Roots, Hawthorne Berry, L-Citrulline, and finally Sodium Nitrite. The difference between this product and all other "Nitric Oxide" products is the Sodium Nitrite that gets directly converted to Nitric Oxide in the mouth by symbiotic bacteria. This is why it is a chew-able tablet and try to chew it into a powder and let it dissolve in the mouth for best results. Nitric Oxide is a gas and will travel quickly throughout the bloodstream, it is a signaling molecule that causes vasodialation. This means it expands the blood vessels, lowers blood pressure, increases circulation, oxygen, and decrease lactic acid build up.  We use it mainly for Erectile Dysfunction and has the effect of taking a quarter of a Viagra. We also use it for energy and working out. We have a few professional athletes on it that track vitals and can see decreases in heart-rate (how fit you are) over the course of the same workout or marathon. For weight loss it will help with fatigue of working out by decreasing lactic acid build up through more circulation. Finally we am recommending it for Covid as a supplementary vitamin to increase oxygen, a factor that may signal the necessity to get treatment at the hospital.